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The last rumor I heard (late-April) is that the BYU team and OUP are
working together in bringing out the DSS CD-ROM.

>Ralph W. Klein wrote (in part):
>>>The Mormons have been working on a series of CD Roms for several years.  It
>>will have all the scrolls on it in searchable format and with excellent
>>photos.  The price also will be reasonable.  This will be a major resource.
>I haven't seen anyone mentioned the Oxford DSS CD-ROM (forthcoming) with
>3500 B/W images, granted exclusive right by the Israeli Antiquites
>Authority. It is mentioned in the last catalog from Dove Booksellers
>(1996:29). UK price is approximately 1200 punds Sterling, a very reasonably
>price of course :-)
>Kaare Sigvald Fuglseth
>Dep. of Religious Studies
>University of Trondheim (NTNU)
>N-7055 Dragvoll, Norway

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