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At 11:27 PM 5/12/96 -0500, orion@pluto.mscc.huji.ac.il wrote:
>> >The Mormons have been working on a series of CD Roms for several years.  It
>> will have all the scrolls on it in searchable format and with excellent
>> photos.  The price also will be reasonable.  This will be a major resource.
>The thing we are all interested in are the texts - our data.  When you say
>that the Mormons are working on a CD, do you mean that they are encoding
>the data, and making it available on CD (along with optional software)?  Or
>are they pulling another fast one, like so many other publishers, and en-
>coding the data in such a way that it can only be accessed by their propri-
>etary software?
>You've always seemed pretty well-informed about such things.  What's your
>take on their approach?
>   -Richard L. Goerwitz          ***  ***         r-goerwitz@uchicago.edu


All I know so far is from a brochure I picked up at an exhibit at the SBL in
Philadelphia.  Their CDs will have the scrolls in transcription and
translation, and with 1200 digitized pictures.  There will also be a copy of
the Hebrew Bible, lexicons, etc.  I saw it demonstrated at the exhibit and
it was VERY impressive.  If you saw an uncertain reading (the text is from
DJD) you could switch to the photograph and examine it yourself.  Also a
highly sophisticated concordance.

I think you have to use their software.  To learn more you might call Steven
Booras or the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies at BYU.
1-800-327-6715.  I plan to meet with one of their representatives on another
matter on May 24.  If I find out anything more, I will let you know.

Ralph W. Klein, Dean
Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago
rwklein@mcs.com; O 312-256-0721; H 312-238-1856