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Re: Palestine


From:           netzarim@netvision.net.il
Date sent:      Fri, 12 Apr 96 10:17:34 PDT
Subject:        Palestine 

I didn't suggest it would be easy, but if scholars don't figure out the 
answer with some precision and accuracy, who will?  If not us, then who?  If 
not now, then when?

First of all, I still think this discussion resembles several on 
IOUDAIOS and is not approbriate to ORION, which should be a DSS 
forum. Second, if laymen think that they can just join a list and 
then get free tuition, well, then some of us will have to say: Life 
is too short for that and that there will probably be several 
introductory courses around at universities and high schools intended 
to educate also the unlearned. Furthermore, if the layman in question 
is basing his argumentation on a rather naive reading of the Hebrew 
Bible/the OT, which by all means is not am easy book to interprete, I 
think that he can waste too much time. Could we have some rules? 


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