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Re: Palestine

>use Y'hudiyah (Judea),<

Now, this goes beyond unscholarly transliteration.  Here you are translitera-
ting from Latin back into Hebrew(!) -- which won't work, because Judaea is
simply the Latin rendering of the Hebrew place name Yehudah.

I'm PUZZLED -- how can any one presume to carry on a scholarly discourse that
demands a GOOD  knowledge of Hebrew, when it is apparent with almost every
sentence that this necessary skill is sadly lacking even in the most basic
matters of grammar and usage?  I am genuinely puzzled, not trying to insult.
The word yehudiyah does exist today, but only as a noun meaning "female Jew."
(it appears once only in the HB in the meaning of "Judean woman"--I Chr.4:18)

Judith Romney Wegner