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Daniel / Hebrew-Aramaic-Greek / Qumran

I would like to add a few comments on the Daniel materiall

1. The pseudepigraphic name Daniel is different from others,
since there is no (earlier) biblical character of this name.
2. The Book of Daniel occurs in two forms, one of which is
the Hebrew/Aramaic but the second of which is the Greek. Were
the additional stories, Susanna, Bel and the Dragon, etc.
developed on the basis of Heb/Aram Daniel, or were they
stories which were around and were incorporated in a second
edition (better another edition) of Daniel. Correlative
question, were they written in Hebrew/Aramaic or in Greek.
(I don't have John Collins' commentary here to see his view.)
3. Do not forget that Nabonidus is somehow related to Daniel;
do not forget the 4QpsDaniel apocalypses published years
ago in RB by Milik. Nab. is clearly a parallel but
related tradition. Were the (?how many) Ps.Dan apocalypses
derived from our Daniel or were they further Daniel works.
4. Enoch's father-in-law was Dan'el (see Jubliees!). So
Ugaritic Dan'el is probably the figure in Ezek (where ketib
is without a yodh) and probably he was known to Enoch where
sorry -- to Jubilees!!) where he was incorporated into the
antediluvian line of descent.

My guess is that some parts of Gk Dan are dependent and
some independent.

David Satran wrote a lot about this in his unpublished
PhD dissertation on Daniel 4 (Hebrew Univ. about 10 years

Michael Stone
Hebrew University of Jerusalem