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Re: question

>Dear Niels and Judith,
>I am not sure if "just" should be the attribute ascribed to Ugarit's
>Danel (or, as Gibson transcribes dn'l, Daniel).  In Aqhat 17:22:5-
>6,199-20 and other places, Danel himself admits to the possibility
>of being in a state of inebriation. Too, though I have not been able
>to locate the exact reference to the point, it had been my
>understanding that Danel was also adulterous.
>Dave Fouts
>Bryan College

Danel was hardly adulterous:  he could barely manage his own wife in the
beginning of the story.  And I bridle at the provincial notion that
occasional inebriation renders someone unjust!

Jim Davila
University of St. Andrews