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Re: Testament of 'Amram

>In  "4Q Visions de 'Amran et une citation d'Origene"  (RB 79 [1972]:
>77-97), in reconstructing the passage from the Testament of 'Amram
>describing the appearance of Malki-re$a(, Milik prints the word h(bn.
>Since he translates "d'une vipere," it appears to me that he has (kn in
>mind.  Can anyone tell me if the printed text is in error at that point?
>David Suter
>Saint Martin's College

Looks to be.  The photograph in the article shows that bet and kap are
clearly distinguished and the letter in the word in question is kap.
Thanks for bringing the reading up; it bears directly on an article I'm
finishing right now and I hadn't noticed it.  By the way, does anyone know
why the word (kn here is translated "smiling" in the English edition of
Garcia Martinez?  I can't figure out how to get "smiling" from either (kn
or (bn.  Could it be that the translator misread the word "serpient"e as a
participial form of the verb "sonreir"??  Does anyone have the Spanish
version handy to check for me?

Jim Davila
University of St. Andrews