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Re: Sadducees

  ( Tho an attack by Romans comes to mind)
>         Daniel McMenamin

The struggles between the Selucids and the Ptolemics comes to my mind. 
Ptolemy took Kition (home of the Kittim) in 319 BCE. And in 1Macc. 1:1.
Alex. the Great was said to have come from the Land of the Kittim. Though
the Roman=Kittim is a viable equasion, we should not overlook the
possibility that The Kittim may have been the Macedoneans or the Ptolemics,
specifically. After all they were called the Kittim before the Romans were.
Plus there is the mention of Demetrius and Antiochus in 4QpNah 2:11-13..
(Rowley PEQ 1956, pp92-109 and JBL 75, pp. 188-194) Except for the days of
Judas Macc. (160 BCE or so) these names do not coencide untill the days of
Alex.  Jannaeus (103-76 BCE) But Demetrius III is not recorded to have
entered into Jerusalem as recorded in the Nahum Commentary. While Demetrius
I was recorded to have done so in 1Macc. 7::1ff. I date the drama of the R.
Teacher and the W. Priest to about 162 BCE.  (that was a dating of an event
described in the scrolls and not necc. the scrolls themselves)