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Re: Sadducees

You wrote: 
>  ( Tho an attack by Romans comes to mind)
>>         Daniel McMenamin
>The struggles between the Selucids and the Ptolemics comes to my mind. 

>Ptolemy took Kition (home of the Kittim) in 319 BCE. And in 1Macc. 
>Alex. the Great was said to have come from the Land of the Kittim. 
>the Roman=Kittim is a viable equasion, we should not overlook the
>possibility that The Kittim may have been the Macedoneans or the 
>specifically. After all they were called the Kittim before the Romans 
>Plus there is the mention of Demetrius and Antiochus in 4QpNah 
>(Rowley PEQ 1956, pp92-109 and JBL 75, pp. 188-194) Except for the 
days of
>Judas Macc. (160 BCE or so) these names do not coencide untill the 
days of
>Alex.  Jannaeus (103-76 BCE) But Demetrius III is not recorded to have
>entered into Jerusalem as recorded in the Nahum Commentary. While 
>I was recorded to have done so in 1Macc. 7::1ff. I date the drama of 
the R.
>Teacher and the W. Priest to about 162 BCE.  (that was a dating of an 
>described in the scrolls and not necc. the scrolls themselves) 
    Dear Lechem:
        Does this exclude the hymn to King Jonathon? Would not this 
document push the destruction later than the conflict between the 
Alexandrian successors?
        Daniel McM