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Re: Davila: Pseudepigrapha course (fwd from Ioudaios)

>> This seems like a good opportunity for me to mention that I'm planning on
>> offering a course on the OT Pseudepigrapha at St. Andrews during the spring
>> semester of 1997 that will be tied to an Internet discussion list...
>Jim, why not do this:  Write up a syllabus in HTML or PostScript format,
>and put it up on the net.  Then, as the quarter goes on, add lecture notes
>to flesh it out.  By the end of the quarter you'll have a short (say, 50
>page) introductory text that we can all read online and use to follow
>your work.
>This is essentially what I did with my second-year Hebrew class this last
>quarter.  The result was (you guessed it) a short, 50-page pamphlet that
>I'd actually be very interested in seeing comments on:
>  http://oi.uchicago.edu:1080/pub/stuff/2ndyearheb/2ndyearheb.ps
>   -Richard L. Goerwitz          ***  ***         r-goerwitz@uchicago.edu

I'm still playing with formats, etc., so thanks for the ideas.  Hope all is