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Re: Davila: Pseudepigrapha course (fwd from Ioudaios)

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> This seems like a good opportunity for me to mention that I'm planning on
> offering a course on the OT Pseudepigrapha at St. Andrews during the spring
> semester of 1997 that will be tied to an Internet discussion list...

Jim, why not do this:  Write up a syllabus in HTML or PostScript format,
and put it up on the net.  Then, as the quarter goes on, add lecture notes
to flesh it out.  By the end of the quarter you'll have a short (say, 50
page) introductory text that we can all read online and use to follow
your work.

This is essentially what I did with my second-year Hebrew class this last
quarter.  The result was (you guessed it) a short, 50-page pamphlet that
I'd actually be very interested in seeing comments on:



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