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Davila: Pseudepigrapha course (fwd from Ioudaios)

This message has been slightly edited. It is an announcement of James 
Davila's pseudepigrapha course at St. Andrew's, Scotland.

Avital Kobayashi Pinnick
list moderator
This seems like a good opportunity for me to mention that I'm planning on
offering a course on the OT Pseudepigrapha at St. Andrews during the spring
semester of 1997 that will be tied to an Internet discussion list to be
created for that purpose.  It will be something like the setups used by Jim
O'Donnell for his courses on Augustine and Boethius and Bob Kraft for his
course on the Dead Sea Scrolls.  I want especially to explore some of the
literary issues involving texts with a complex history of transmission and,
often, pseudonymous attributions of authorship.  We will be examining a
number of documents that claim to be written by a biblical figure, although
everyone rejects that claim today. I very much hope that the participants
in the great Pauline letters debate(s), as well as many other Ioudaioi,
will join up and contribute to the discussions.

Watch this space for further details this fall.

Jim Davila
University of St. Andrews