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The Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Associated Literature
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Newly Published Texts

Updated 17 December 2014.

*This list is meant to highlight new text publications outside of the DJD volumes, from 2007 and onward. Please let us know of items which should be included.

Charlesworth, James. “What is a Variant? Announcing a Dead Sea Scrolls Fragment of Deuteronomy.” March 2010.

Charlesworth, James. “Announcing an Unknown Dead Sea Scroll: Jeremiah 48:29-31a.” May 2010.

Charlesworth, James. “Announcing a Dead Sea Scrolls Fragment of Nehemiah.” Accessed Oct.13, 2010.

Elizur, Shulamit. "Two New Leaves of the Hebrew Version of Ben Sira." Dead Sea Discoveries 17/1 (2010) 13-29. For full text click here

Elizur, Shulamit, and Michael Rand. "A New Fragment of the Book of Ben Sira, T-S AS 118.78," Taylor Schechter Genizah Research Institute Fragment of the Month: January 2011 Now published as "A New Fragment of the Book of Ben Sira," DSD 18 (2011): 200–205 (

Eshel, Esther, and Hanan Eshel. "שבעה קטעי מגילות מקומראן שטרם פורסמו [A Preliminary Report on Seven New Fragments from Qumran]." In מגילות: מחקרים במגילות מדבר יהודה ה-ו. מוגשים לדבורה דימנט [Meghillot: Studies in the Dead Sea Scrolls V-VI. A Festschrift for Devorah Dimant], ed. Moshe Bar-Asher and Emanuel Tov, 271-278. Jerusalem: Bialik Institute and Haifa University Press, 2007.

Eshel, Esther, Hanan Eshel, and Magen Broshi. "A New Fragment of XJudges." Dead Sea Discoveries 14/3 (2007) 354-358.

Eshel, Esther, Hanan Eshel, and Gregor Geiger. " Mur 174: A Hebrew I.O.U. Document from Wadi Murabba‘at." Liber Annuus 58 (2008) 313-326. The article is published in Hebrew as: "תעודה 174 ממערות ואדי מורבעאת: שטר חוב עברי מתקופת מרד בר כוכבא," In מערות המפלט מתקופת מרד בר-כוכבא [ Refuge Caves of the Bar Kokhba Revolt]. Ed. Hanan Eshel and Roi Porat. Pages 527-538. Jerusalem : Israel Exploration Society, 2009.

Eshel, Esther, Hanan Eshel, and Ada Yardeni. "שטר מ'שנת ארבע לחורבן בית ישראל': עדות נדירה לגזירות הדת אחרי מרד בר כוכבא [A Document from 'Year Four of the Destruction of the House of Israel' in which a Widow Declared that She Received All Her Rights]." Cathedra 132 (2009) 5-24. Published in English as: “A Document from ‘Year 4 of the Destruction of the House of Israel ’,” Dead Sea Discoveries 18/1 (2011): 1–28.

Popovi?, Mladen. “4Q186. " 4QZodiacal Physiognomy: A Full Edition. " In The Mermaid and the Partridge: Essays from the Copenhagen Conference on Revising Texts from Cave Four, ed. George J. Brooke and Jesper H?genhaven, 221–258. STDJ 96. Leiden : Brill, 2011 For full text click here

Tov, Emanuel " New Fragments of Amos " Dead Sea Discoveries 21/1 (2014) 3 –13.

Yardeni, Ada, and Binyamin Elitzur. "טקסט נבואי על אבן מן המאה הראשונה לפסה"נ: הודעה ראשונה [Document: A First-Century BCE Prophetic Text Written on a Stone: First Publication]." Cathedra 123 (2007) 155-166.


The contents of this site, including the Dead Sea Scrolls Bibliography, are copyright (C) by the Orion Center, Hebrew University, Jerusalem. All rights reserved.