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Re: orion-list More than enough

S. Pfann has written concerning the volume of water available at Ein
Feshkha, and suggested donkeys and large jars were used for transporting
the water to places like Qumran. (He also mentioned aquaducts, but I assume
he means a system of these at the site of Ein Feshkha to manage the water
there, not a long aquaduct all the way to Qumran -- otherwise the donkeys
wouldn't be needed.)

I'm still confused by this point. If there was so much fresh water at Ein
Feshkha so close by, why wouldn't any significant settlement be there,
rather than at Qumran? Surely no one would deliberately choose to have to
transport water if they didn't have to. In other words, I don't see
anything here that challenges Dr. Altman's basic point, that the population
at Qumran must have been relatively small -- whatever that says or doesn't
say about the identity of those inhabitants.

Paul Sodtke
London, Ontario
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