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Re: orion-list Donkey-Trail

Irv Diamond writes:

>  As I understand it the statement "Clearly, there are more options to 
>  for the existence these vessels
>  > apart from scroll storage." needs challenging:
>  Only one jar at the most was found to contain a scroll, the cave number 
>  not come to mind, and maybe not even one jar was in fact found to have been
>  used for this storing scrolls.

    The single jar containing a scroll was discovered in Cave 1 by Muhammed 
edh-Dheeb, who described the jar as being the smallest in the cave (and 
therefore unlikely to be of the type usually described as "scroll jars" which 
appear to have been used for food storage).  See the important discussion in 
G. Doudna, "Redating the Dead Sea Scrolls found at Qumran:  the case for 63 
BCE," Qumran Chronicle 8.4 (Dec. 1999) 52-57.

    Russell Gmirkin
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