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Re: orion-list Essenes at Qumran: A Reality Check-For Whom??

since we have little idea about essenes really we'll never ever identify
anything properly as essenic unless it is signed in the original-- menahem
the essene, 770 mizrah parkway, Qumran. We will only be able to say what
is not essene.-- wish i had a peruta for every book claiming christians
were essenes, kabbalists were essenes, hassideans were essenes,
baethusians were essenes, -- whenever you dont know something about a
group they become essenes. I wonder what to make of the new inscription
found in los lunas: take an essene to lunch? anyone ever notice that
kimron is the galician pronunciation of qumran? That would make him a 
polish essene too.

herb basser
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