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orion-list The Text of 4Q427

     I'm working on revising a paper I read at a regional SBL meeting
that relates to 4Q427, part of the 4QHodayot, but  I've
hit a snag.  According to the transcription in The Dead Sea
Scrolls Study Edition by Garcia Martinez and Tigchelaar, the start of
4Q427 2:7 starts in an unknown way and then they have inserted YHWH.
However, the version I initially used by Eileen Schuller, from an 1993
article in JBL, reconstructs the first part of the line as saying in
translation "Guilt will be no more."

   These two versions are radically different.  If this text is now
published in a DJD volume, I haven't seen it and don't have easy access
right now to the DJD volumes.  Can anyone suggest
what to do in this case, when there's a significant difference of
opinion over what the text should read?  I don't feel qualified to
choose between the two.  My argument does not stand or fall based on
this or many other differences, most of which revolve around Schuller
providing reconstructions where the other transcription is more
conservative, using simply [...] if the text is uncertain.  Still, I
don't know what to do here.  I'm not ready to try to adjudicate between
the two, but simply come up with a strategy of what to do now.  I'm
comparing the 4QHodayot to Luke 1, and for my purposes, it's not worth
trying to decide on my own from photos who is right, besides the fact
that I don't have the expertise either of these scholars does on the
DSS.  Thanks.

Ken Litwak
University of Bristol

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