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Re: orion-list Nova in Spring, 5 BCE?

Perhaps the most convincing of recent work on the Star of Bethlehem is:

Kidger, Mark. 1999. The Star of Bethlehem:  An Astronomer's View.  Princeton:
Princeton University Press.  ISBN 0.691.05823.7.

Kidger argues for a combination of events, including a planetary massing
resulting from a triple conjunction, followed by the nova apparently noted by
ancient Chinese and Korean observers.

Dierk van den Berg wrote:

> The Capricorn hypothesis (Foucquet 1729) is still under debate today.
> Greetings,
> Dierk
> REFERENCES (I can't guarantee that):


> >
> > Any late news on the Chinese accounts telling of a Nova seen over
> > 70 days between March and May in 5 BCE?
> >
> > Is the constellation clearly shown & c.?
> >
> > I only know of it second hand from BM booklet on Halley's Comet.
> >
> >
> > Thanks for any update,
> >
> > Tom Simms


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