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Re: orion-list Nova in Spring, 5 BCE?

I've been sending a few private messages but since other names are jumping
into the discussion, I'll post this on-list. The Star of Bethlehem thread
is rather far from the Scrolls and I think it's time to move it to private

I'm still at home. Owing to an administrative glitch (i.e., someone thought
we hadn't paid our bills on time) I can't access the list-owner account. So
if you are waiting for me to reply to a private letter on
msorion@mscc.huji.ac.il or if your messages are bouncing and are queued
there, everything will have to wait until Tuesday. I hope to be back at
work then and will pay a visit to the sys ops.... If it's an urgent matter,
write to me at my private account.


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