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Re: orion-list Agrippa in Pliny

Thanks for responding, Russell Gmirkin.

1) I asked for "Evidence that Pliny used Nicolaus in Book 5."
	You offered what is, in my opinion, implausible specluation, not

2) I asked for evidence "that a book 5 listed author extensively used
	You offered no such evidence.

3) I asked for an explanation of the differences in locating Essenes by the
Dead Sea (in Pliny) and more widely (in Josephus and Philo), if one
assumes, as you apparently do, that Nicolaus somehow was the source for
all, the font of all knowledge on Essenes.
	You blithely dismissed this contradiction.

	If, in the future, you find evidence that Pliny made any use of--or
even *knew* of--writings by Nicolaus of Damascus, I would be interested to
learn about it.

	As to Menahem Stern, I have repeatedly and explicitly made clear
where I agree and disagree; your sentences concerning this have not been
	Eventually, you may see that the account of the toparchies (in
5.70) and the situation at Qumran and Ein Gedi and Masada at the time of
the Essene account (in 5.73) tie these sections together in time and place,
the time of the visit to Judaea of Marcus Agrippa, an author whose writings
Pliny *did* use.

best wishes,
Stephen Goranson

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