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orion-list writing systems

	To Rochelle Altman,
	Your response discusses at length the possibility
	of multiple scribal hands in 1QS.  That will be of
	interest when you collect your data but for now the
	question of interest is your claim that single
	scribes systematically distinguished between Shin
	and Sin in writing.  Such a claim has never been
	made by anyone before who has worked on Qumran
	texts, so far as I know.  Therefore it is reasonable
	to ask for examples.  You graciously cited
	some examples.  However neither Kraft nor I were
	able to verify your claim from the examples you cited.  
	Is it possible that I (and Kraft) misunderstood you, 
	and that you did not intend to mean a single
	scribe wrote Shin differently from Sin?
	(Don't get me wrong: your post was filled with many
	interesting things.  However, I also had the subtle
	impression of a rug being pulled, or being baited
	and then switched . . . anyway, thanks.)

	Greg Doudna

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