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Re: orion 1st BCE generation

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There is no serious reason to postulate 4QMMT as addressed exclusively to
the establishment in Jerusalem. Likewise it is possible to assume foreign
rulers like the Kings of Osrhoene, Commagene and perhaps Armenia or Media
Atropatene  - satraps or temporarily clients of the Parthian Empire behind
the metaphorical ^—Kings of the North^“ symbolism.
Eisenman e.g. claimed that King Abgar IV(?) could be the addressee; that is
probably the right direction, but the wrong century, However, as long as
those who favor the early dating of 1QM have to start at line 4 of the 1st
columne ("the coming of Antiochus IV"= 1 Macc 16 ff.) instead of line 1f.
(the liberation of Israel in one single summer campaign),  the dating 164 BC
sounds as extremist as 64 CE.