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Re: orion Assistance on DJD XXIII


I've had a quick look at our copy of DJD XXIII (the vol. is out) and can't
find anything identified as Phoenician letters. You don't mention whether
de Vaux's fragment was assigned a number. I wouldn't rule out the
possibility that the fragment has been classified as something else in
this volume.

Avital Pinnick

On Wed, 2 Dec 1998, Sigrid Peterson wrote:

> According to stephen goranson:
> > 
> > Greetings, Sigrid,
> > I think some other list members are better informed about what you ask,
> > but, until they respond, here's a provisional answer:
> > It appears (from merely a quick look) that the Cave 11 / DJD XXIII editors
> > did not share de Vaux's provisional description. Perhaps the item de Vaux
> > referred to is one of the small fragments of what is now called 11Q22
> > paleoUnidentified Text, or 11Q23 crypticA Unidentified Text, or one of the
> > other unidentified or unclassified bits in DJD XXIII.
> > Stephen Goranson
> > goranson@duke.ed
> Yes, I had looked at the Table of Contents on the Orion Web site, and
> found out the designations of the pieces, which don't describe any
> Phoenician, whether because de Vaux's fragment was of only two letters, or
> because it looks like something else to someone else, or because it isn't
> in the sample, or because the letters have disappeared, or other
> possibilities that could be generated, I don't know. 
> I guess that the volume is not out yet, or so recently out that it hasn't
> been received and catalogued here at Penn. 
> Sigrid Peterson   UPenn petersig@ccat.sas.upenn.edu