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Re: orion Epiphanius & Goranson

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David Crowder wrote:

:  The article has appeared in perhaps 20 U.S. and Canadian newspapers ...
There are two
:versions, one about 2,900 words ... I'm not sure which one the Star Tribune
We didn't count, but judged that the Minn. paper ran way less than 2,900

If you have info on papers that ran the whole or close to 2.9k version, we'd
be grateful to have it.
David Crowder continues

:   In its current form, one article that appeared under Neil Altman's name
:and now runs with mine as well, "Were the Dead Sea Scrolls Written by
:Christians?" makes 20 points in support on that contention --  some minor
:and some major.

We have a Web site article which, among other indiscretions we commit, gives
57 such comparisons.  http://www.she.org/2q1intro.htm   Most we got from R.
Eisenman's and M. Wise's book, "The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered." Some are so
obvious we found them unassisted. Only a few required a stretch of the

Besides these 57 we have a dozen or so more as-yet unpublished, which were
generously e-mailed in by a renegade from the DS Industrial Complex.

Also, if the subject is not discussed in your 2.9k article, can you or
anyone summarize the implications of red ink and tiny margin notes, etc.,
giving, i.e., earliest dates these first appeared, explanation for why or
'so what?' if any...

Many thanks!