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Re: orion Epiphanius & Goranson

On Mon, 6 Apr 1998, David Crowder wrote:

> The following letter comes from Neil Altman:
>   Dear Stephen Goranson and Orion readers,
>   For the past five months, while we were busy working on an international
> story
> that involved hundreds of hours of research, interviews and writing, we had
> little
> time to respond cogently to what was taking place on Orion and what was
> being
> said about us.  Now, in the coming weeks, we are going to deal with the
> appropriation of our research, which David Crowder dubbed "The Chinese
> Connection Heist."
>   Even before we had a chance to publish our research, it was stolen,
> twisted
> and falsely reported on Orion and elsewhere.  It was unethical and
> unprofessional but only a few of the Orion members said a word.  I would
> like to
> personally thank those who did speak up.

I really would like to know what is going on here.  I reviewed the 
archives of Orion, and David Crowder appears to be the one who introduced 
the topic of Chinese characters in the Isaiah scroll to Orion in a post 
of August 25, 1997.  I, of course, stand prepared to be 
corrected by anyone who desires to do their own search of the archives, 
but it seems to me that the accusation of the theft of intellectual 
property is serious and should be investigated by the list moderator.

David W. Suter
Saint Martin's College
Lacey, WA 98503