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Re: orion Hirschfeld; 20 miles

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Fred Cryer (quoted below) is really stretching.
One of the reasons this is clear:
according to the Associated Press article, the "similar site" that Uzi
Dahari is digging is "on a cliff about 20 miles (35 kms) from Ein Gedi."
Twenty miles. Please consult a map.
Stephen Goranson

>Well...the claim has always been that the only site north of En Gedi that
>could be considered is Qumran, and that particular claim has been bassooned
>over us all for two generations now, loudest, but hardly solo, by F.M.
>Once one discovers that all of *two* sites fulfil the requirements for
>being considered as the site Pliny had in mind (the two near En Gedi), one
>wonders why Qumran would have to be included. The only reason I can see has
>nothing to do with Pliny, but with some scholars´ imaginative constructions
>of hypothetical relationships between the caves and the Qumran site.
>If there is *one* principle exegetes should have learned by the time they
>start doing professional work, it is the duty to read a document in *its*
>terms, and not in terms of some other document...
>Fred Cryer