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orion 4Q245 query

I'm forwarding this to see if anyone has ideas about the proposal. I'll
be happy to pass on any comments.


>Wonder if you have any opinion as to whether 4Q245 could contain a list of 
>high-priestly lineage from Levi down to Onias III? Tell me what you think of 
>[                                              Levi,] Kohath,
>[Amram, Aaron, Eleazar, Phineas, Abishua, Bukki,] Uzzi,
>[Zerahiah, Meraioth, Amariah, Ahitub, Zadok - priest with] Abiathar,
>[Ahima'az, Azariah, Johanan, Azariah, Amariah, Ahitub, Zadok, Shallum, Hil]kiah,
>[Azariah, Seraiah, Jozedek, Jeshua, Joiakim, Eliashib, Joiada,] Jehoniah,
>[Jaddua, Onias, Simon, Eleazar, Manasseh, O]nias, Simon...
>Cross reasonably thinks that some names have been omitted from the list after 
>the exile, so where Jechoniah is read one expects a Johanan, but from this point 
>on I've merely improvised. The important thing to know is if the document allows 
>such a reading based on the width. The latter end of the list would then be up 
>for debate. There are after all two bites at the cherry with the Onias/Simon 
>pair repeated.

John J. Hays
I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto!