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orion Re: Scroll fakes -- Scroll makes

>>Too much fuss has been made over a rather insignificant 
>Too much fuss?  I dont know what you mean by this.  But I would suggest that
>it is not too much fuss to point out an obvious fraud!

About a year ago I helped Microsoft with a photograph of the Dead Sea
Scrolls.  In Encarta 95 the photo was backwords and upside down.  One had
to look very carefully to determine that this was a mistake.  It was easy
for the art dept. to make that mistake even if they knew Hebrew.  Microsoft
wanted to make sure that the following edition was correct.

I needed a magifying glass and a consultation with another faculty member
to be sure we gave the right answer to Microsoft.

Microsoft did the right thing-- asked for expert help.  This is the kind of
effort that we should praise.  

We should make a fuss over errors in publications. No publication should
publish pictures that are faked or fraudulent.

Donnie  Stuhlman

Daniel D. Stuhlman

Hebrew Theological College
Saul Silber Memorial Library
7135 N Carpenter Road
Skokie, IL  60077