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Re: orion Re: Scroll fakes -- Scroll makes

On Wed, 3 Dec 1997, Library.HTC wrote:

> We should make a fuss over errors in publications. No publication should
> publish pictures that are faked or fraudulent.
> Donnie  Stuhlman

I agree, but how one makes the "fuss" is also important.  I teach a 
course called Moral Choices, in which I include a section on 
organizational disobedience ("whistle-blowing").  During the section I 
distribute a set of guidelines for effective organizational disobedience, 
which I recommend that each student should save in a SYA file in case it is 
needed.  One of those guidelines recommends keeping the emphasis on the 
issues and not the personalities.  It's one thing to point out the 
mistake, another to comment on the competence or motivations of the persons 

David W. Suter
Saint Martin's College
Lacey, WA 98503