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orion Several

SGoranson wrote: " . . . the evidence here (C14, paleography, variant texts,
number of hands, archaeology) compells a longer period of production."
M. Dunn:  C14 is dating the item on which the document was produced, not the
date of production?  I suppose I could be wrong about this.   Do you not have
some old stationery in your desk drawer?   If you use it now, what is the
date of production?   Achaelogy is describing a period of occupation of a
structure (whatever it was), not the date of production of documents?
  Number of hands may involve a writing exercise for such "common" items as
Isaiah and Psalms.  If you take out the number of hands in those texts, how
many hands are left?  

SGoranson wrote: ". . . the group was entered by initiation and giving one's
property.  People taking an oath to enter a group with strict rules generally
think something important obtains."
M.Dunn:  Yes, but many religious groups involve an initiation experience and
an oath of some type.  What is important when one gives up one's property?
 Isn't it ordinarily the internal, spiritual experience and not some other
property stashed in a jars.  What is more important to a Catholic, his/her
missal or the mass?  I don't question that "they" who produced the scrolls
were devout, I only question how important it was to go back to the attic and
pull out the boxes where things had been stored.  God bless them for not
having done that.

SGoranson: "If Herod really wanted to obtain these books - . . . a doubtful
MDunn:  Who said Herod wanted to obtain these books?  What I said was that
there are many times when some of the books might have been moved out of
Jericho because of an impending calamity.  For example, when Herod showed up
and found the place deserted or when Judas burned the palace to the ground.
 This does not preclude the possibility that other texts were added to the
relocated scrolls later nor does it have anything to do with archaeolgy.  I'm
simply looking for plausible explainations of how 870 - 1000 scrolls happened
to be moved to the site not whether the building nearby was a fort or a villa
or a monestary.

M. Dunn