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Re: orion 4QMish(c) correction

>>      A.2.4  . . . YSWD  B'H  $LM(tsade)YWN . . .
>Just a tiny little FYI: both CCAT and most Hebrew fonts (for Windows at
>least) transliterate tsade with C.  Hence $LMCYWN.
>Sir Nitpick, a.k.a.
>Dave Washburn

However, most scholarly work in semitic languages uses s-underdot for
Tsaddi.  Always thus for Arabic letter sad, and increasingly so for Hebrew
too.  To use a C is counter-intuitive except for Poles and others whose
language happens to use the C for the TS sound!

 Can someone explain why the software people have chosen to use "C" for
Tsaddi?  A poor choice given the above facts!

Judith Romney Wegner