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Re: orion ORION: Variations

On Sat, 11 Oct 1997, Bob Dietel wrote:

> Gentle people--
> And also in the cuneiform literature we have substantial evidence that
> such autographs were well known to scribal houses.  A number of Assyrian
> "Oath Texts," for instance, make clear claim for having been copied from
> originals [e.g., KAR.31.Rs.24-28; BAM.50.Rs.22-26; et al].  H Hunger
> includes a number of other examples [see Hunger. 1968. Babylonische und
> assyrische kolophone. AOAT 2.]

Um, Oaths are legal documents, quite formulaic, and have little to do with
the "author" problem. After all, the "ostracon" is an autograph-sort of
-but not related to the problem under discussion.

What we are discussing is the proof of authorship as opposed to
dictation as in, for instance, a final copy of Eliot's _Wasteland_ 
as compared to the handwritten MS all marked up by Pound's comments.
(Note: that this particular MS has 2 autographs - and the changes are 
not by the author.:-))


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