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orion Re: dss and rabbis

If we arer going to debate DSS and Pharisees, let us please reread Ginzberg
first (in German or English). And Rabin, too (on haburot). When we have
done that, let us talk. If they were right after all, we should let them
have the credit.
        (And if you don't know these works, don't ask me for the
bibliographical details! I never give my PhD students any - I insist they
find out. It is called research.....)

My own comment on this topic is that if dorshei halaqot is a pun on
(Pharisaic) halakot, then we should also consider why the writers of 4QMMT
use the verb parash of themselves not their opponents? Personally, I don't
lay much weight on either argument.

Philip R Davies
Department of Biblical Studies
University of Sheffield