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Re: orion Re: jewish traveler in china report

>has anyone noticed in any of the news reports on this story a reference to
>the language of the document which was being translated?
>if i'm not mistaken the NY Times story did not have one and, although I
>naively assume that it would be hebrew, i'd like to know for sure.
>thanks and shanah tovah to all,
>moshe bernstein

Dear Moshe,
As you may know by the time you read this, several scholars who read the
"translation" by David Selbourne, in a book titled "City of Light,"
consider it to be a fake. The American publisher has dropped plans to
publish, though the British publisher reportedly will go ahead in October.
According to NYTimes a Yale Prof. questioned its description of sexuality,
street transport, and public debates. According to National Public Radio,
another scholar questioned the usage by a Jew of "Anno Domini." But neither
report explicitly identified the supposed language.
shanah tovah,
Stephen Goranson