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Re: orion Bible quotes in the Temple scroll?

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dwashbur@nyx.net wrote:

> Does anyone know of a source that lists actual biblical quotes in the
> Temple Scroll?  I have Yadin's 4 volume on it, but the way it treats
> biblical quotes and allusions is very frustrating.  I need actual
> quotes, not every little potential one-word parallel or similar
> grammatical construction; the book, while obviously a thorough and
> painstaking analysis, lumps it all together. Can anyone point me to a
> list of actual biblical citations in this scroll?

    Schiffman covers biblical exegesis in the Temple Scroll beginning
onPage 258 and its midrashic style to the Pentateuch.  He mentions
the paraphrases of Deuteronomy at Temple Scroll 51:11 through 56:21 and
60:1 through 66:17 and points out that the biblical substratum was not


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