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Re: orion Bible quotes in the Temple scroll?

At 13:55 17.09.97 -7000, Dave wrote:
>Does anyone know of a source that lists actual biblical quotes in the 
>Temple Scroll?  I have Yadin's 4 volume on it, but the way it treats 
>biblical quotes and allusions is very frustrating.  I need actual 
>quotes, not every little potential one-word parallel or similar 
>grammatical construction; the book, while obviously a thorough and 
>painstaking analysis, lumps it all together. Can anyone point me to a 
>list of actual biblical citations in this scroll?
>Dave Washburn

What about Michael Owen Wise: A Critical Study of the Temple Scroll. 1990?
In Appendix part 2 "The Hebrew Bible in the Temple Scroll" (p. 235-242) he
gives an analysis of which portions of the Hebrew Bible appear in the TS,
and of how the scroll has used them. Look for the [q] to see, where he
thinks it is a quote.

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