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Re: orion Jack's Eisenmanism?

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Ian Hutchesson wrote:

> Jack wrote:
> >Josephus is removed in time from the *majority* of the DSS texts
> >regarding the time of their composition and writing.  Our old friend,
> the
> >Moreh ha-Tsadik, may not have even recognized his "successors" in
> >65ish CE any more than the HJ would recognize, or even approve, of
> >the texts canonized as the New Testament.
> Sorry, Jack. You lost me. Is this Eisenmanism?
> Ian

 No, this is Kilmonism.  Let me see if I can make it clearer.  Josephus,
Pliny and Philo give snapshots of the Essenes at one point in time.  The
texts, if they are
of Essene origin...or an Essene-like group...give many snapshots taken
over a long period of time.  What better example of the shifts and
changes in a particular sect
than the texts of Christianity?  Why not also with the DSS?