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Re: orion Jack's "as seems to be the case"

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Ian Hutchesson wrote:

> Jack wrote:
> >The [dss]... span 300 years through both the Hasmonean and Herodian
> periods
> This is nowhere near definite. There is nothing in the texts
> themselves to
> suggest anything aftere the time of Aemilius Scaurus, ie 63 bce.
> Archaeology
> is quite unhelpful in this.

    Do you find the radiocarbon dating of the Thanksgiving Hymns, 1QH,
(calibrated range 21 BCE to 61 CE) unconvincing? see `Atiqot 20 (1991)
27-32  Why?

> >From what I KNOW of the Essenes from Josephus, Pliny and Philo...
> So you are convinced about them as infallible sources.

    No, only as the only sources for their own time.

    The C14 testing is, at least, scientific method, as is the
palaeographicevidence albeit more interpretive.  The mutual confirmation
by both methods
is convincing.