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orion: Qumran Bible


The Text Criticism forum this morning included the following brief note:

"By the way, since I mentioned Gene Ulrich, many on the list might not be
aware that he is currently working on a handbook-sized edition of the
biblical material from the Judaean desert, laid out in the traditional
order of the Hebrew books.  The title, as I recall, is the Qumran Bible. 
I'm sure he doesn't want to be deluged by e-mail messages asking numerous
specific questions, but he might have time to update the list on the
status of his work, and perhaps give us a projected completion date. "

I send it along because I suspect that many may be interested in such a book
and also might want to keep an eye out for it when it does appear.



Jim West, ThD
Pastor, Petros Baptist Church
Managing Editor, The Journal of Biblical Studies