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Re: orion -- The Abramowitz Queries

Another perspective on Jim West's responses (= "> >")!
> >>Why are the cave IV materials in so many fragments?
> >
> >Because they suffered decay over 2000 years.

In addition, they may have already been somewhat damaged when stored, and
they were not preserved as carefully as the cave 1 materials (in jars).

> >>Were they from the temple or somewhere or could it be that they were both
> >>sect and temple materials mixed together?
> >
> >Some were brought to the community from outside- who can say where, and
> >others were copied or composed at Qumran.

We have no way of telling, at present; handwriting and material analysis
suggests that at least some of the materials had common origins (not
necessarily ONE common origin, but possibly). "Let DNA have ITS say."

> >>When Jesus spent time in the desert was he at Qumram?
> >
> >No.

If such accounts about Jesus are reliable, possibly so. But it is a BIG
"if." And if so, what did he do there? What was "at Qumran" then? 

> >>Or perhaps just on an internet list?
> >
> >Maybe not.


> >>Was John the Baptist a Qumramite?
> >
> >Yes.

There is no way to know. What is "a Qumranite"? What are the other options?

> >>Steve Abramowitz
> >
> >Jim (not a Lawyer)

Bob Kraft (literature archaeologist, or something like that), UPenn