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orion "Qumran sect" dogma

Yirmiyahu wrote responding to my:

>>I would love anyone who has some evidence for a Qumran sect to buy into the


>Perhaps your definition of the term "sect" is what is giving you so much

Don't you just love the way "sect"-arians dodge the issue? Ask for evidence
and they say your definition of "sect" is wonky!

>>isn't either -- then again neither are the mishmarot. Well, hell, someone
>>has some idea of what the sect was. Not everyone is shooting air on this
>>sect business are they? How many feet does one have to tread on to get some
>>serious reaction. I wouldn't mind a bit of egg on the face if only someone
>>would come across with the goods.
>The sect is adequately distinguished in MMT;

Authority rears its ugly head. Oh, for ggddz sake how about if somebody stop
resting on others' laurels and lay open some serious evidence for a "Qumran

>whether it was limited to
>Qumran or represented throughout Y'hudah is hardly "dogma".  While I lean
>toward the latter, this is based on the arguments of others and, like
>Qimron's MMT, you need to argue those arguments with them, not me.  

Gosh, "based on the arguments of other", eh? How novel!

>From a logical perspective, it may also be, as I indicated above, that MMT
>simply doesn't satisfy your preconceptions of what distinguishes or defines
>a sect, specifically within 1st century Judaism.

Another empty voice crying "sect" on the rag of desire. Perhaps a sectarian
is someone who had had an over-fatty meal when they talked to their fellow
religionists, giving them a dose of acid and thus created a sect of acidic Jews.


Still bleeding for substantive evidence for a dss sect.

Ian Hutchesson