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Re: orion "Qumran sect" dogma

On Thu, 22 May 1997, Ian Hutchesson wrote:

> Yirmiyahu wrote responding to my:
> >Perhaps your definition of the term "sect" is what is giving you so much
> >trouble.
> Don't you just love the way "sect"-arians dodge the issue? Ask for evidence
> and they say your definition of "sect" is wonky!

So what about Serech Ha-Yachad? It pretty straightforwardly testifies to
existance of a sect. So does the Damascus covenant and commentary on
Habbakuk. Seriously, if the case for a sect was as empty as you present
it, it would have never beed suggested. The people who came up with it
(e.g., Sukenik, De Vaux) were far from being either idiots or sharlatans.

	Best,	Asia