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Re: orion 4QSam a

> from: Simone Venturini
> e-mail: simoven@mobilia.it
> April 23, 1997
> I'd like to have some suggestions for my doctoral dissertation on 4QSam=20
> a: The title of the work is: =AB4QSam a: caratteristiche testuali e=20
> letterarie=BB. I'm a student of the Pontifical Biblical Institute. I'm=20
> working with prof. S. Pisano. If there is someone that want to give his=20
> contribution on particolar and important points of 4QSam a, please write=20
> me an e-mail to begin the discussion.

You will want to be in touch with Gene Ulrich (Notre Dame), whose <t>The
Qumran Text of Samuel and Josephus</> (Harvard Semitic Monographs 19,
Scholars Press, 1978) provides us with a great deal of information about
the textual characteristics of 4QSam\a in relation to the available
Greek versions, Josephus, etc.

One of the incidental things that intrigues me about 4QSam\a is the
potential value of the papyrus reinforcement (described by Cross,
<t>Ancient Library of Qumran</> [1961\2] p.40 n.52 -- "...the papyrus is
inscribed (unfortunately on the side which was gummed to  the leather),
and while no extensive parts can be read, the script appears somewhat
later than that of the leather roll"), which perhaps can now be read by
the new spectography techniques. I assume the writing on the papyrus is
Hebrew, and that the small portions that can be read are not very
revealing as to its general contents, etc. But this is a tangent. What
do you hope to do with the 4QSam\a text itself?

Bob Kraft, UPenn