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Re: Thoughts of Beliya`al

Dear beney beliya'alm ubenotaw,
Just note for the record that the idea about beliyaal  < bl( is not my 
own, but as I mentioned I seem to remember it from Moshe Weinfeld.  at 
the meeting when I read his paper there was lively discussion on this 
suggestion.  The major flaw was the writing with a yod.  Nonetheless, the 
idea was not dismissed out of hand, and I think it should be batted 
around a bit more.  I don't know what Weinfeld's publication plan on the 
piece is.

On Mon, 2 Dec 1996, philip davies wrote:

>  Avigdor notes: beliya`al as a form of bl` meaning to swallow. Eisenman has
> written a great deal on this wordplay in the DSS, one of the many decent
> ideas he has but which he is not credited with (and that is mostly his own
> fault for not wanting to be part of the give-and--take of scholarly
> debate!)
> Philip R Davies
> Department of Biblical Studies
> University of Sheffield