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Re: Thoughts of Beliya`al

Indeed, Philip Davis is certainly correct, Robert Eisenman has done
extensive work on this use of the image bl' (swallow) in the Scrolls, the
Nazarene/Ebionite movement, et al.  The main results of his work will appear
in his massive 1000pp work titled James the Brother of Jesus with Penguin to
be published in a month or so.  He sent me galleys and it is full of very
interesting and useful material ranging from Maccabean to early Islamic,
much of which remains of value with or without his dating of the life and
times of the TR into the 1st c. C.E..  Yes, it would indeed be more than
interesting to have Robert Eisenman on line for discussion.  I don't expect
it soon.

James Tabor

At 09:04 PM 12/2/96 +0100, you wrote:
> Avigdor notes: beliya`al as a form of bl` meaning to swallow. Eisenman has
>written a great deal on this wordplay in the DSS, one of the many decent
>ideas he has but which he is not credited with (and that is mostly his own
>fault for not wanting to be part of the give-and--take of scholarly
>Philip R Davies
>Department of Biblical Studies
>University of Sheffield