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Re: Calendar, MMT

>>If, as is assumed, that MMT is from Moreh Tzeddik, then it would predate
>>CD, since there is some historical discussion mentioning the Moreh
>>Tzeddik. I have the source at home and could provide it later if you
>>need. It is at the beginning.
>Acknowledging the mention of the Moreh Tzeddek in MMT I disagree, since
>I've not been dissuaded from my admittedly idiosyncratic notion that the
>"Moreh Tzeddek" became a title of affection ascribed to succeeding leaders
>of their community.  Since the "Koheyn Ha- Gadol," usurper though he was

CD implies that Moreh Tzedik came about 20 years after the founding of the
sect. IF we say that MMT is from the Moreh Tzedik (which I am not so certain I
have to look over the arguments again), this implies that it predates CD,
since the later implies the Moreh Tzedik is no longer alive.

>Ya'aqov by the GR Pseudo- Tz'doqim priest be more understandable?  Maybe
>I'm predisposed in this direction since, in the Teymaniy tradition, the
>local teacher is the "Moreh" (maybe it's a shortened form that hearkens
>back? though that's probably impossible to confirm or disprove).  Anyway, I

A Dayan in European communities was called a 'moreh tzedik', that does not
imply any relationship.

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