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Re: Calendar, MMT

On Tue, 19 Nov 1996 16:06:40 -0800  Moshe Shulman wrote:
>I believe that this is the implication...  In any case I find it hard to 
see this statement changing anything.

I was seeking only to clarify that question.  I wasn't endorsing other 

>>While I buy the date for MMT Qimron gives on the same page ("probably 
>>between 159 - 152 BCE"), I still think CD is even earlier (Khonyo III, a 
>>generation earlier), and, while a later dating for CD is more popular, I 
>>think the later date for CD is suspended from speculation about the 
>>identity of the Moreh Tzeddek.  Thus, I still see CD antedating MMT as 
>>plausible.  Reasonable?
>If, as is assumed, that MMT is from Moreh Tzeddik, then it would predate 
>CD, since there is some historical discussion mentioning the Moreh 
>Tzeddik. I have the source at home and could provide it later if you 
>need. It is at the beginning.

Acknowledging the mention of the Moreh Tzeddek in MMT I disagree, since 
I've not been dissuaded from my admittedly idiosyncratic notion that the 
"Moreh Tzeddek" became a title of affection ascribed to succeeding leaders 
of their community.  Since the "Koheyn Ha- Gadol," usurper though he was 
regarded (probably by the P'rushim and lay Jews as well, and certainly also 
by the N'tzarim), was in the Beyt Miyqdash in Y'rushalayim, what to call 
the "real (Qumranian) guy"?  Upholding their own Qumran leader, yet without 
incurring GR Pseudo- Tz'doqim / Roman wrath, appears to me to have been a 
continuing, even worsening, situation.  Even ties with the Qumran group 
might have made the GR Pseudo- Tz'doqim in Y'rushalayim see red?  What 
would this have meant if the N'tzarim, including Y'hoshua, had been aligned 
*on this issue against the GR Pseudo- Tz'doqim* with the Qumran group *and* 
the P'rushim *and* the Jewish lay people in general?  Wouldn't Josephus' 
account of N'tzarim harmony in the Jewish community and the murder of 
Ya'aqov by the GR Pseudo- Tz'doqim priest be more understandable?  Maybe 
I'm predisposed in this direction since, in the Teymaniy tradition, the 
local teacher is the "Moreh" (maybe it's a shortened form that hearkens 
back? though that's probably impossible to confirm or disprove).  Anyway, I 
think the same reasoning, and conclusions dependant upon this reasoning, 
about the "Wicked Priest" is, likewise, flawed.

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