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Thomas M Simms wrote:
>    Greg, this is highly interesting...

> >One of the Qumran texts in the caves explicitly tells of a
> >hiding of resources from Jerusalem and gives a first-person
> >reference which may help identify who was behind the whole thing.
> >I refer to 3Q15 3.9 and the hiding of "my garments", which
> >appears to point to a high priest from Jerusalem.
>    If you were a betting man, would he be someone as late as Jesus' brother
>    James?

	If Ananus took the opportunity to have James killed on the occasion
of Festus' death (62 CE) and Albinus not yet in the area, it would be
early for the High Priest in 68ish CE to spirit away the library.  I
vote for Phanneus as the 3Q15 feller..

Jack Kilmon