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Dear Judith, 
I stand corrected, and before Yom Hakkippurim I request selihah, mehilah, 
and kapparah! Gemar Hatimah Tovah.

On Mon, 16 Sep 1996 PWEGNER@BROWNVM.brown.edu wrote:

> >Although you are probably right, let me say in Judith's defense that the
> Chabad calendar for the year 5757, hanging on my wall, refers to it (just
> as Judith said) as Yom haZicaron.<
> Avigdor is not merely "probably" right, he is (almost) 100% right. I was
> writing in too much haste, focusing more on making the point about RH as
> a day that memorializes the creation (according to rabbinic interpretation of
> the word *zikhron* --smiXut of zikkaron-- which does appear in the Torah.
> However, in the interests of 100% accuracy, what Lev. 23:24 actually says is
> *zikhron teru'ah* (in other words, Avigdor, it does NOT say *yom* zikhron
> teru'ah--that's only how it's worded in the liturgy, in the version of Kiddushn
> we recited this year because RH fell on Shabbat. So we were both being somewhat
> careless! But it remains true that the significance of *zikhron* was not clear,
>  aking it possible for the rabbis to assume that what  is being memorialized
> is the creation.
> Judith Romney Wegner, Providence