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Preserving the Names of the Angels

In Josephus' description of the sects in *The J. War* he states that Essenes
swore powerful oaths to do/not do various things, including preserving the
sectarian writings "and in the same way the names of the angels" [Williamson's
Penguin translation 1959, p.373]. What exactly is Josephus' meaning here?  Why
would preserving the names of the angels have had such great significance that
it became the subject of one of the sect's great oaths?  Assuming that one can
believe J. on these matters...
Whether or not they may be of Essene origin--a contested matter--
do the sectarian writings found at Qumran display an unusual preoccupation with
the angels and their doings?  More so, than other known groups?
Please ignore or reply privately if this has been a big subject of discussion in
Orion's past.